Industrial Solutions – Industrial Mesh Partitions

Our Industrial Warehouse Mesh Partitions ,are for creating enclosures in your warehouse, factory or warehouse. 

  • The versatile mesh panels are available in heights of 2200mm, 1100mm and 750mm, in a 
  • Widths from 250-1500mm.
  • Can be inline with a warehouse apex or to go around an obstacle. 
  • We can create corridors and doors into the system for access and provide the system in a
  • Provide a large number of colours.

Plastic and Sheet Metal Partitions

If you need to create a durable private area or prevent dust or other by products spreading through your warehouse or factory, we supply a range of sheet or plastic panels incorporated with mesh partitioning to provide adequate cover where necessary, whilst providing open access into the warehouse or factory. Our plastic and mesh panelling is available:

  •  in a range of sizes 1100 – 2200 mm in height 
  • and widths of 250 – 1000mm, 
  • connected to mesh panels of the same size using a metal strip. 
  • Adapted posts create door access which can be moved or adjusted as and when needed. 

Anti-Collapse Racking Mesh

Our anti-collapse racking mesh is designed to fit onto the back of racking systems using a 3mm sheet metal bracket. Each mesh panel is available:

  •  in a range of heights from 1000 -1500mm and 
  • widths 1100 – 2200mm, 

Using these versatile panels we can create a ‘brickwork’ partitioning system which protects stock from falling from pallets which are pushed too far back on the racking and also protects people using walkways, aisles and fire exits which may run around the racking system. 

‘Machine Guard’ Mesh Partitions

Machine Guard Mesh is designed to prevent an accidental injury by personnel who come into close contact with a machine. Machine guard mesh partitions also prevent goods lifting equipment from damaging machinery or from odd materials falling into the way of the machines. 

Machine Guard Mesh Partitions can be designed to fit around any shape machinery and are fully demountable and relocatable as your factory, warehouse and industrial business needs change.