Commercial / Office Fit Out Solutions – Suspended Ceilings

Turnkey Projects supply and install all types of suspended ceiling and lighting option for acoustic, fire rating and aesthetic consideration. From our HQ in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, we provide a full UK service.

We are an independent company who can source a large selection of suspended ceilings and suspended ceiling related products from manufacturers such as Armstrong World Industries, USG, British Gypsum, Ecophon, SAS and many more depending on what type and style of suspended ceiling you require.

Tile Grid Suspended Ceilings

The most popular types of ceiling are exposed grid lay-in tiles in either mineral fibre, soft fibre, metal or timber. Also available are concealed grid systems such as clip in spring tee and linear metal ceilings or more traditional metal furring plasterboard ceilings. A variety of perimeter details and transitions can be integrated into the suspended ceilings, allowing different styles of ceilings to be incorporated into one design.

We often provide suspended ceilings as part of our office fit out service and office mezzanine floors.

Our suspended ceiling systems are suitable for a number of different Industry applications:

  • Office Suspended Ceilings
  • Factory Suspended Ceilings
  • Retail Suspended Ceilings
  • Production Suspended Ceilings

They are very suitable for providing fire protection to mezzanine floors, for providing sound proofing and for providing an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Suspended Ceiling Lighting

We can supply a wide range of lighting options from standard florescent to lighting designed to reproduce the advantages of natural daylight.

<style=”font-size: large;”>Suspended Ceiling Consideration

We offer solutions for the challenges that modern building regulations present, including acoustics, fire ratings and aesthetic considerations. The well being of corporate employees is such an important consideration in maximising performance and minimising stress and tiredness. Research has shown that the careful selection of lighting can play a vital role in this particular issue